Do you organise events across the whole of the UK?
Yes We Do. Our HQ might be based in the heart of the West End, but that doesn’t mean we can’t organise your event anywhere in the UK


Do you organise events abroad?
Absolutely! Whether it’s a weekend break or a 500 person company event we love putting on events all over the world


Do we have to use our goods & services to pay?
No you don’t. We will always look to give you the best value for money. However, we always give you the option. It’s what makes us #different


So how does it work if we want to use our products to pay?
We will always take a view on what goods or services you can provide and agree a pre-determined % of the final cost which you can pay in your own products


Is there any real value in doing this?
Definitely. Using your own goods and services provides us with something we can always use. If we can’t we have clients that can. There are two real benefits to this:
#Save money on your event
#Gain incremental business when we utilise your services


What if it’s not an event, but I need hospitality for a few clients?
Then you’ve come to the right place! We pride ourselves on having built fantastic relationships over the years and that’s why we can offer the service we do. Whether it’s a restaurant booking, concert tickets, or spa treatments, we will give you every available option at our disposal. #Variety